Woven – Women’s Online Summer Bible Study

June 8

Have you ever noticed clothing is frequently described in Scripture? Join us this summer, as we examine the Scriptures to see how God’s great plans for our redemption in Christ are woven into the fabric worn by those who have gone before us. We will see that God has always had us in mind, and in a turn, a plan to help us shed the old rags, as Christ clothes us in new garments.

This six-week study will kick-off on Thursday, June 8, on our website and our Facebook page. This will allow you to study with us from wherever you are this summer, with whomever you invite to join.

Workbooks will be available starting Sunday, May 21, on this page or at the information desk.

Lesson Outline & Schedule:
June 8: Adam and Eve – Fig leaves of shame to robes of righteous promise
June 15: Joseph’s Coat of Youth and a Royal Cloak of Rescue
June 22 : The Outcasts Dirty Rags and the Teacher’s Cleansing Power
June 29: Blind Bartimaeus, Son of Timaeus – From Sackcloth to Honor
July 6: Lydia’s Violet Sown Path Prepared for the Good News
July 13: Jesus – Ring of thorns to Crown of Glory