2020 High School and Junior High Camp

Registration is now closed. Stream our sessions live online (details below).



Open to students who have completed grades 6-12

Mobberly Summer Camp

Dates: July 5-8

Cost: $50 

Space is limited.

We have Pat Cammarata as our speaker. Worship times will be led by Austin French, a contemporary Christian artist who has multiple songs on Christian radio and has been on the TV shows “Rising Star” and “The Voice”.


What is the plan for social distancing?
Due to the recent uptick in cases in our area, we have decided to strengthen our social distancing plan for camp.  We will no longer have off-campus activities or any sort of transportation.  We will stay on our campus where we can better control social distancing and disinfect areas daily. We will take the temperature of every person when they arrive each day. We will give each participant hand sanitizer throughout the day in between activities. We will have masks and are asking students to wear them when in transit between activities (since they could be within six feet of each other). Students have the option to remove the mask once they get to the next location and are distanced. The worship center seating will be every other row and we will also leave two seats between students. We will stay distanced during group discussion times and at meal tables.

Students are allowed to miss parts of the camp if they have other commitments.

We are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and are prepared to intensify protocols if needed. If participants are concerned about social distancing, they are welcome to only attend the services and other parts of the week they desire.

Can I participate online?
Our camp sessions will be available to stream live at mobberly.org/online. See the schedule below to know when sessions are hosted each day.



Sunday, July 5 – Camp Kickoff   6:30 – 9 p.m.

6:30 – Doors Open – Check temperatures and sanitize hands.  Check in and register. (Worship Center)

7 – Session and Meet Family Groups.

9 – Dismiss

Monday, July 6 – Wednesday, July 8   3 – 10 p.m.

3 – Doors Open – Check temperatures and sanitize hands.  Check in and register. (Worship Center)

3:30 – Session

5:15 – Supper

6:30 – Session

8 – Family Discussion Groups

8:45 – Late Night Activity

10 – Dismiss