“Real Church” Ministry Leader Conference with Dr. Larry Crabb

September 27 8:00am - 1:00pm  |  The Crossing

625 East Loop 281, Longview, TX, USA

Hope Road Counseling is hosting Dr. Larry Crabb, Psychologist and Author, on Sept. 27, 8 – 1 p.m. in The Crossing, for a conference designed for spiritual leaders across East Texas. The conference is created for pastors, teachers, counselors, deacons and elders who want to authentically lead people to healthy growth and discipleship.

About Dr. Larry Crabb:  He is a well-known psychologist, seminar speaker, Bible teacher, author and founder/director of NewWay Ministries.  Dr. Crabb is also a scholar in residence at Colorado Christian University and serves as Spiritual Director for the American Association of Christian Counselors.  His many popular books include:  Inside Out, Finding God, Connecting, Becoming a True Spiritual Community, Soul Talk and his life work, 66 Love Letters.

Dr. Crabb will address some of the following questions in this one-day conference:

  • Why do many people lose interest in church?
  • Why do many people still attend church and like it?
  • What makes a gathering a church?
  • What is it that causes a gathering to cease being a church?
  • What are four marks of the Real Church?
    • Mark #1: Hungers for the Truth that Sets Addicts Free
    • Mark #2: Respects the Necessary Ingredients in the Remedy for Addiction
    • Mark #3: Finds Contentment in Wanting What Jesus Wants
    • Mark #4: Is Mission-Engergized


$40 pre-registration, $50 at the door.

Register ONLINE.

Email [email protected] for more information.

Hosted by Hope Road Counseling and Partnering Local Churches