Struggling with getting your teen to talk or come out of his or her room?

Is disrespect, anger and stress the theme in your home?

Are you feeling like you have lost your influence with your teen and anything you say tends to be in one ear and out the other?

Do you feel like you are at a dead end with your teenager?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, parent coaching is for you.


Why is Parent Coaching important?

Parents of teenagers today are dealing with issues and struggles that no other previous generation has had to wrestle with. They tend to get lost in understanding today’s culture and struggle with finding effective ways to help guide their teen through these years while still maintaining a positive relationship. The hard fact is that parenting techniques of the past do not work with teens of today and are all too often met with one-word answers from our kids as we lose the grip of influence during these crucial years.

With Parent Coaching, we can work with you to help come up with effective and realistic ways to connect with your teen and equip you with practical tools to bring peace and structure back into your home.


What is Parent Coaching?

A parent coach is someone who provides structured guidance for parents who are struggling with approaching the challenging behaviors of their kids. Parent coaching is designed to help parents find ways to get to the heart of the problems with their kids and maintain age appropriate rules and consequences all while continuing to preserve and strengthen the relationship.

Parent coaching is not the same as counseling. Counseling tends to focus on the past and generally addresses mental health or overarching life issues such as anxiety, anger, depression, etc. In Parent coaching we are oriented in such a way that is focusing on the future and establishing goals and plans for you and your family.

How does Parent Coaching work?

Parent Coaching consists of four, 1-hour sessions over the phone. These sessions don’t include the child or children, rather it is geared specifically to help parents come up with a game plan on how to restore their relationship with their child while creating boundaries and developing an effective approach to discipline.


You can sign up by calling Hope Road Counseling center at 903-252-4673 or emailing us at [email protected] We will email you a Parent Coaching application and will call you within 24 hours to schedule your first session.

Parent coaching is typically done over the phone or can be done in person by request. The total cost of the four sessions is $320, which is paid up front prior to your first coaching session.