Pastor Search Committee

Pastor Search Committee Members

Lanny Davis (Chair)

Has been a member of Mobberly over 60 years. During that time, he has served on many committees and is currently a deacon, member of the choir, a part of the Planning & Building Committee and is on the Bylaws Task Force.

Cody Bailey (Vice Chair)

Family has been at Mobberly for 3 generations and he has been a member for over 30 years. He is a Connect Group Leader, volunteers in the Children’s Ministry and has served on the Finance Committee.

Romel Cawich

Faithfully serves in our Spanish Ministry, is a Share Coordinator and a deacon. He has been a part of the Mobberly family since 2017.

Mitch Fortner

Leads Jr High and High School Connect Groups, Adult Connect Groups, and teaches parenting and marriage classes. He has been a member of Mobberly for 24 years.

Eric McCrory

Serves in the youth ministry, is a member of the choir and is a deacon. He has been a member of the Mobberly family for 11 years.

Melony Ralph

Has taught Connect Groups for over 30 years and serves in many other ministries at Mobberly. She has been a part of the Mobberly family for 40 years.

Reneé Robertson

Faithfully serves in the Women’s Ministry and has been a Connect Group leader. She has served on the board of Mobberly’s local mission partner Heartisan’s Market Place. She has been a member since 2016.

Chris Scott

Serves in the College Ministry, teaches a connect group and leads a men’s bible study. He has been a part the Mobberly family for 25 years.

Lisa Smith

Is a founding member of the Marshall campus and has faithfully served as a Connect Group leader and in other ministries there. She works at Hope Road Counseling and has been a Mobberly member for 6 years.

Korinna Duke (Alternate)

Serves in the Children’s Ministry, is a foster parent and is actively involved in other ministry areas. She has been a part of the Mobberly family for 6 years.

James McLemore (Alternate)

Serves as a Share Coordinator and is a substitute teacher for his Connect Group. He is a member of the choir, a Decision Prayer Partner and a deacon. He has been a member of Mobberly for 15 years.

Greg Martin (Staff Liaison)

Serves as our Congregational Care Pastor and oversees our Prayer, Benevolence and Men’s Ministries. He has been a pastor at Mobberly for 15 years.

21 Days of Prayer for Our Pastor

We are calling our Mobberly family to join in a journey, locking arms in prayer for the Pastor Search Committee (PSC) as they go before us in searching out God’s man to lead Mobberly Baptist Church.

Download the 21 Day Prayer Guide

Pastor Bryant Wright, Interim Pastor

On Sunday, Sept. 27, we voted to affirm Pastor Bryant Wright as our Interim Pastor. Pastor Bryant served as the senior pastor at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in northwest metro Atlanta, founded Right From the Heart Ministries, served as President of the Southern Baptist Convention and is currently President of Send Relief.