The Gospel in a Social-Distanced Culture.

Share Your Redemption Story

Even during this time of social-distancing, we want to keep the gospel a priority. Since you cannot meet with your One, we challenge you to do something bold and unconventional to share the gospel with them, and everyone who follows you on social media.

We challenge you to share your Redemption Story.

Every born-again believer has a Redemption Story: How Christ saved you. You can use your story to share the gospel with our church, communit and beyond. We are challenging everyone to record a one-minute video of your Redemption Story and share it through your social media accounts.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Write down your Redemption Story. Start with “ My name is… and this is my Redemption Story.” Then tell about your life before Christ, how you were brought to faith in Christ, and finish with what God has done in your life since then. Finish with “Hope has a name and his Name is Jesus. Jesus wants to be in your Redemption Story. Will you say Yes to Jesus?”
  • Memorize your story. Practice your delivery. Make it feel conversational.
  • Record your video. Go to a quiet, well-lit spot inside. Hold your phone horizontally. Make sure the image looks good. Don’t be afraid to shoot multiple tries.
  • Pick the best video. Click on and upload your video so we can use it in our church media channels. Then upload the video to your social media accounts.
  • Tag 5 people to challenge, and tag Mobberly and Whosyour1. Use the hashtag #redemptionstory.
  • That’s it. Your Redemption Story is powerful, it’s the story of how Christ saved you. Share it with the world. We can’t wait to see it.

    Example Redemption Story

    From Teddy Sorrells, Minister of Church Plants & Outreach Strategies