Engage Campaign Update

A message from Pastor Glynn:

I want to share an update with you about the Engage Campaign, which launched in fall of 2016. Through sacrificial commitments and faithful generosity of hundreds of families, we have been able to accomplish much of the original $12 million dollar campaign.

From a new Marshall campus facility, to a renovated Longview Worship Center, to new preschool space, improvements on the land around Williams Lake and new sports fields on both campuses, Mobberly’s faithful giving toward the $5.8 million that was committed has allowed us to continue to reach East Texas with the gospel.

Over 4,600 households have been engaged with the gospel. As we estimated, almost 10% of those have come to Mobberly, with 453 saved and baptized in the last two years. I cannot wait to see how God moves through Mobberly as we continue to engage those around us.

Today, I want to share with you the last element of the Engage Campaign. Below, I have included a video where I cast the vision for a hub for community in East Texas. I believe that Mobberly can become a third place, not home or work/school, but a place where community is experienced and disciples are made.

As you watch this video and begin praying about your household’s participation, I am asking that we all approach God with humility. Abide with God and spend time praying about this. Ask honestly what He wants you to do. Then act on what He tells you.

I am asking those who have made commitments to finish strong and to prayerfully consider extending your current commitment through 2020. And I am asking those of us who have never made a commitment before to prayerfully make one now.

Indicate your commitment online , by printing this card and returning it to the church office (Download First Time or Updated Commitment cards), or by contacting our Director of Finance and Operations, Larry Wilson, at 903.663.8405 or [email protected].

Thank you.
Pastor Glynn