Who's Your One?

Engage: Who's Your One? Class Schedule

Why do we make sharing the gospel complicated? Jesus never did.

We will meet each Wednesday night, but here are some of the great opportunities we have planned.


    • Wednesday, Jan. 8 –Introduction; 15 Second Story, Praying for Who’s Your One?

    • Sunday, Jan. 12, 9:30 & 11 a.m. (LaJoie Classroom) – Engage Coordinator Training Session

    • Wednesday, Jan. 15- Marking our Bibles for easy sharing and practicing with someone in our class (Inviting our Friend to Super Sunday, February 2)

    • Friday, Jan. 17 – Praying for your “One” -6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Family Meal/Brief Teaching Time/Care Through Prayer

    • Sunday, Jan. 19- Connect Group – Write the initials of the “One” friend you are inviting to Super Sunday and putting it on a prayer “ring” in class

    • Wednesday, Jan. 22 –Learn Steps to Peace with God (tract) for sharing with your “one”.

    • Wednesday, Jan. 29 – One Verse for Your “One”; Discovering how Romans 6:23 can lead someone to Christ


    • Sunday, Feb. 2 – Super Sunday

    • Wednesday, Feb. 5 – Find Another “One”; Laundromat gospel sharing

    • Saturday, Feb. 8 – 5-7 P.M. –Bring Your “One”; Seeing the gospel in action. Movie Night “Breakthrough”

    • Wednesday, Feb. 12- “Who’s your “One” Neighbor? Do something nice for your neighbor with a chance to share the gospel

    • Wednesday, Feb. 19- College/Connect Groups – Embrace your Community “One”; Engage Connect Night

    • Wednesday, Feb. 26 – Engage a Need for “One” – “In Reach” – Senior Adult Groups and Women’s Ministry helping prepare Freezer meals for Foster families, single moms, widows.


    • Wednesday, March 4 –Engage and Embrace “One” at a Local Mission

    • March 9-13 – Spring Break

    • Wednesday, March 18 – Elevation- Every Door Outreach: Engage Challenge for “One”- Share 15 second story with someone you don’t know.

    • Wednesday, March 25 – Elevation- Engage Challenge for “One”- Ask 2 people how you can pray for them before you come back to the church.


    • Wednesday, April 1 – College –“Impacting “One”; Taking gift cards to Walmart, Super One, Gas Stations, Laundry Mats, and sharing the gospel.

    • Sunday, April 5 – Young Adults – 4-6 P.M. –Inviting “One”- Family Scavenger Hunt – Easter Engage Blitz

    • Wednesday, April 8 – Serve with Passion Week Events

    • Sunday, April 12 – Easter

    • Wednesday, April 15 – Easter Engaging Follow up of Decisions

    • Wednesday, April 22- Easter Engaging Follow up of Decisions

    • Wednesday, April 29– Easter Engaging Follow up of Decisions

Celebrate 10K

An Engage Celebration

On Sunday, Nov. 3, in the Longview Worship Center we celebrated what God has done over the last three years. Look back, worship, and hear stories of how God used people just like you to have over 10,000 gospel conversations right here in East Texas.

You can learn how to share your faith with your friends and family in our Engage class. Email [email protected] to find out more.