GO Share

Who's Your One?

Who's Your One Tour

If you missed the in-person Who's Your One Tour, you can catch videos of a virtual Who's Your One Tour online. The virtual event includes messages from Johnny Hunt and others who were with us, as well as other speakers. Be inspired and challenged from the Word of God about evangelism.

How to Use a 15 Second Testimony/ How to use Romans 6:23 to Share Your Faith

GO Share Class Schedule

Why do we make sharing the gospel complicated? Jesus never did.

GO Share Classes are offered in the Fall and Spring on Wednesday evenings. The Bridge D112/113 – 6 p.m.

Jan. 6- Introduction; 15 second testimony; Marking Bibles

Jan. 13- Steps to Peace with God; One Verse (Rom. 6:23)

Jan. 20- Practice in class

Jan. 27- Laundry Mats Visits

Jan. 31- Sunday – 4:30 -6:30 pm – Care Through Prayer

Feb. 3- Pre-arranged home for new learners to practice

Feb. 10- Visit Prospects for MBC

Feb. 17- Young Adults join us for Care Through Prayer

Feb. 24- Connect Group joining us

March 3- Visiting with Made to Love Participants

March 10- Connect Group joining us

March 17- Spring Break (no class)

March 24-Light Bulb Blitz (Includes Easter Inviter Cards)

March 28 –-Sunday –  Light Bulb Blitz continued

March 31- Friend Night – GO Share Class –on campus for decisions

April 7- Easter Follow up on decisions

April 14- Local mission

April 21- Buckner – single moms

April 28- Connect Group joining us