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When it comes to spiritual formation, church and home both have an influence in the lives of children and students. However, statistics will show that parents still exercise the greatest influence on the spiritual development of their children. Merge is a Biblical approach to combine the influence of church and home. Merge helps our church and parents form a stronger, more intentional partnership to create a greater impact on the next generation. Merge is not a program; it is a lifestyle of leadership. Deut. 6:6-7 expresses God’s expectation for all parents – to lead their children to love Him above everyone and everything else.

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5 Stages of Spiritual Development

1. Spiritual Foundation

Instilling the basic concepts of God.

2. Spiritual Birth

Beginning a relationship with Jesus.

3. Spiritual Discovery

Understanding basic Christian truths.

4. Spiritual Ownership

Taking personal responsibility for continued spiritual growth.

5. Spiritual Leadership

Learning how to use your influence for the Lord.

We have videos and resources available for parents HERE.