Important Information About Preventing the Spread of Illnesses at Mobberly

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Dear Mobberly ,
God is at work at Mobberly, and lives are being changed by the gospel each week. Students and children are coming to faith in Christ, growing in Him, and professing those decisions through baptism. Our giving is healthy and God is providing in ways as only He can do. Indeed, God is doing something here at Mobberly!
Even as we rejoice in the many ways God is moving, we are aware that much is happening in the world around us. Recently, COVID-19 (coronavirus) has captured our attention. First, please join us in prayer for the communities and nations throughout the world being impacted. We are earnestly asking God to heal the sick, protect any at risk of contracting the virus and to pour out His strength and wisdom on medical professionals who tirelessly care for those who are sick.
We want to make sure you know that our church has taken extra precautions to keep you and our campuses as protected as possible. While most of these measures are diligently taken by the church on a consistent basis, we are prepared to take further action to safeguard the church family and the community if the need arises.
Please set your mind at ease knowing that the following actions take place routinely:
* We take aggressive cleaning and sanitization measures throughout our facilities regularly. Our children and preschool toys are cleaned after every class or event.
* We have hand sanitizer (and have added more) throughout the campus for use. These sanitizers reach the recommended minimum 60% alcohol content required to be effective.
* We continue to enforce our existing Child Sickness Policy: Children should be fever-free for 24 hours and be free from other symptoms before attending church-related activities.
* We stay up-to-date with our city, state and federal guidelines and any and all important health concerns and communications.
* We want to ask that, if you are sick, to please stay home. Worship with us online until you are well enough to return to normal activities. (See links below.)
We would also recommend ways you can help the potential spread of illness during this time:
* If you feel sick, contact your health care provider.
* When attending large group functions, greet people with a wave or other appropriate greetings rather than a handshake.
* Avoid unnecessary contact with anyone, particularly someone who might appear to be ill.
* Use recommended etiquette when you sneeze or cough.
* Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap.
* Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands.
* After contact with surfaces that are regularly touched by others, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer as soon as possible.
There are several ways to stay connected at Mobberly:
* Visit
* View Worship Gatherings online at
* Use Pushpay or other giving options listed at
* Stay connected with our social media accounts at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
* Stay subscribed to this email list.
* If needed, we will use these channels to communicate additional information.
If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 903.663.8405.
We love you and are praying for you!
Larry Wilson
Director of Finance & Operations
Mobberly Baptist Church
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