Thrive! is one of Mobberly's initiatives in people leading people into a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Designed to provide support to the whole family, Thrive! will provide age-appropriate support for grief, divorce, and recovery to kids, students, and adults.

Do you see a need for a support group and have the desire to lead?

Celebrate Recovery

Mondays • 6:30 p.m. • The Crossing
Overcoming Life’s Hurts, Habits, & Hang-ups

CR is a recovery program based on the eight principles from the actual words of Jesus. It is a biblically-based and balanced program that can help you overcome bondage to a variety of addictions and hurts. Over the years, the Holy Spirit has used this program to transform thousands of lives, helping each person to grow toward full Christ-like maturity. This ministry seeks to celebrate God’s healing and redemptive power in our lives by recognizing Jesus Christ as our one and only higher power.

If you are ready to experience freedom from life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits, we encourage you to check out Celebrate Recovery here at Mobberly. Click here for more information.

Marriage Support

Every marriage matters! It’s important to take time to build your relationship intentionally, and Marriage Moments is designed to help you set that time aside with your spouse. Couples have the opportunity to listen to marriage experts share their experiences over a free dinner. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to invest in your marriage!

Merge: Pre-Marriage Ministry

Merge is a premarital discipleship ministry designed by Watermark Ministries for engaged or seriously dating couples. It’s a chance to seek wisdom and receive counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, and authentic environment, and it addresses common questions and challenges from a biblical perspective. Class dynamics include large group teaching, small group discussion with mentors, and weekly homework.

Family Matters

Life Matters Ministry

Life Matters is a ministry of Mobberly whose purpose is to support families negotiating the fostering or adoption process. To be considered for tangible assistance, please submit via the appropriate form below.


Family Services / Benevolence

Mobberly’s Family Services benevolence ministry seeks to minister to both the spiritual and physical needs of church family members and community members. On Tuesday mornings Gregg County residents can apply for assistance with eviction notices, utility shut-off notices, gasoline, as well as hearing about a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Mobberly’s Barnabas Ministry seeks to help a small number of selected families with not only financial assistance but mentoring and support through Connect Group relationships. Mobberly members can receive financial and spiritual support from this ministry as well.

A dedicated team of lay members receives, processes, and counsels with the people God sends through the Family Services ministry. Resources for this ministry are provided through the annual Ministry Action Plan, direct contributions to benevolence, and an annual church-wide rummage sale. If you want to volunteer in this ministry, email [email protected].

If you need financial assistance, call 903.663.3100.