Associate Worship Minister Nate Harrison [email protected]
Children’s Choir / Youth Choir Mindy Avedikian [email protected]
Music Coordinator Melinda Burns [email protected]
Marshall Campus Worship Minister Laney Wootten
Volunteer Coordinator Christy McNabb [email protected]



Minister to Children Analisa Hood [email protected]
Assoc. Minister to Preschool Yevonne Donkervoet [email protected]
Assoc. Minister to Elementary Suzanne Walker [email protected]
Junior High Minister Will Hagle [email protected]
High School Minister Michael Curl [email protected]
Assoc. Youth Minister to Girls Katherine McCrory [email protected]
Minister to Maturing Adults Scott Schulik [email protected]
Minister of Pastoral Care Charles Barham [email protected]
Assoc. Minister of College and Young Adults Kevin Jones [email protected]



Minister to Women and Ministry Development Lesa Schwartz [email protected]
Director of Thrive Tony Puckett [email protected]
Assoc. Minister of Pastoral Care/Missions Dick Lindsey [email protected]



Minister of Engage Jan LaJoie [email protected]
Serve Associate Minister Jay Shepherd [email protected]
Minister of Sports and Community Outreach Kiley Broom [email protected]
Assoc. Minister of Family Services Johnny Norwood [email protected]
Food Services Director Linda Crews [email protected]



Director of Finance & Operations Larry Wilson [email protected]
Operations Coordinator Jeri Casey [email protected]


Marshall Campus

Campus Pastor Geoffrey Davis [email protected]
Marshall Campus Minister to Children Sharon Brooks [email protected]
Marshall Campus Associate Minister Joe Parnell [email protected]
Marshall Campus Ministry Coordinator Kendall Harper [email protected]
Marshall Associate Minister of Youth and Community Outreach Joshua Boyd [email protected]



Director of Communications Scott Link [email protected]
Assistant Communications Director Alyssa Rummel [email protected]



Technical Director Collins Pace [email protected]
Audio Director David McBride [email protected]
Media Systems Technician Michael Browning [email protected]
Video Content Director Lucas Green [email protected]


Mobberly En Español

Assoc. Minister of Mobberly En Español Calixto Arce [email protected]
Mobberly En Español Ministry Assoc./Worship Leader Ricky Ruiz [email protected]


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