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Choose a request below and spend some time praying about it each day. Click each request to see more. There is power in prayer. Let's help our community by keeping them in mind.

Keely Peterson - For Friend
Not only prayer request but a praise! I had a long time friend, Amy Wooten, come to me about her struggles in life and how she is searching for something. I was able to talk with her about my walk with Christ and how it has changed my life tremendously. I am glad to report that Amy has started attending church and plans to be baptized! I guess the prayer request side of this would be for Amy to continue down her path and to actively pursue her growing relationship with the Lord.
Tana Pierce - For Husband
My husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in September of 2017. He had a craniotomy and continued to work. In May, the tumor grew back, so after that craniotomy he was not able to return to work. In July the tumor returned. No more surgeries are available. I am so distraught having to leave him everyday to go to work. He requires more and more of my time and attention. Yes, we could qualify for Home Health, but they wouldn't be with my husband 24/7. My prayer is that God would make a way for us financially that I would be able to retire and stay home with my husband, for us to be able to spend quality time together with whatever time we have left.
Sheli Kipp - For Daughter
My daughter, Shelby. She is having some depression and anxiety. I have also been told she is having some other problems. I just need guidance. Will be getting her counseling. I mostly need prayer for her to get through this and know she is loved and cared for.
James - For Friend
Jim Shafer is in the hospital with kidney failure . Please pray for him and his family
Ken Ritch - For Family
My personal prayer: Can you pray for my sick granddaughter Ameliya, who was born with a very rare genetic disease called Pallister Hall syndrome. Please pray for God to heal her lungs, kidneys, heart and the mass growing in her brain? Please take this prayer to your flock, for Ameliya is a miracle. She was not to supposed to live yet she just turned 3 years old on May 3rd. Through faith and prayer she keeps fighting this horrible and deadly disease! My daughter Amanda has started a prayer wall above Ameliya’s crib with the prayers that have been sent back to us!! Thank you
Kendall Mock - For Wife
Wife Judy fell out of the attic on Wednesday morning. Several Miraculous and Divine interventions occurred that kept this from being a fatal event. Praise be to our Lord for his mercy and protection! Pray for a speedy recovery with no complications.
Melinda - For Family
Please pray for my friend Denece as she continues to heal from her surgery .
DH as they continue their search for a job in Texas
Daughters of three of my friend one going through a Divorce and two of them from addictions
Mina Faulkner - For Health
Don and I are getting better but still need healing prayers, my niece was shaking today and we don't know why, praying it isn't anything serious. Praying for all sick, lost and thanking the Lord for his love, grace and mercy.
Stephani Castanon - For Friend
There is a good friend of mine who has given me permission to share her story so that she can receive uplifting prayers and support. My friend, Salem, is a fellow ER nurse at Longview regional with me and at her first routine mammogram (at the age of 33) has received the news she has breast cancer. She has a few children the oldest being 15, youngest being 2. She is going to MD Anderson this week for a repeat mammogram and sonogram to see what treatment options she has. Right now she knows she will at least have to receive a double mastectomy. Please pray for peace, guidance and comfort for her and her family as they are about to go through this life changing event.
Randy Powell - For Son
My son Ryne is having back surgery to repair a ruptured disc. Surgery will be in Dallas on Wednesday 9/26/18, just 2 days after his 26th birthday. He is very active and athletic so this is a real challenge for him. Prayers appreciated
Jim - For Coworker
Rex Lindsey - Blood clot in lung. Trying to break the clot and has had to be resuscitated 4 times this morning,
currently in a Hospital in Tyler
Suellen Swank - For Health of Friend
Gary Norris, husband of one of our coaches here at Marshall Junior High is in the hospital with cellulitis in his leg. He has been on IV antibiotics for 24 hours but they are not seeing any improvement. She asked for prayers and I know the Mobberly family will come through for Gary and his family. Thanks!
Judy Hogberg - For Health of Friend
Wendy and Mike Trammell - Mike is having severe health issues that is affecting his ability to work and function without assistance many times. He and his wife live in Arlington. Mike is son in law to Beverly Marchand who goes weekly to take him to dialysis for his situation so his wife can work. Pray for her safety as she travels to help support them.
Maria Ibarra - For Family
Please pray for my family, especially my husband Jose who just returned home from being hospitalized for bipolar 1 disorder. I ask for prayer for myself in courage and patience as his primary caregiver and for our three boys as they navigate through the reality of their dad's illness. Also, that God will provide for us during this time as he is unable to work and I only work part time. Thank you.
Wayleen Wyche - For Family
I need prayer for me and my family. I have been going through a lot of struggles at my work. I pray for strength, faith, encouragement, guidance, direction and wisdom. I pray for answers and I pray for this man that is making my life and job so difficult. I pray for his soul. I have had a heavy heart and I have been so stressed out I just pray for peace again in my heart and soul. I pray every day for these things but I need people to help pray with me. Thank you so much!! Amen.
Magdalena Lovejoy - For Healing & Deliverance
Please pray that the evil spirits leave me. Pray God will deliver me and set me free, healing my soul and mind.
April Oliver - For Her Calling
I have heard the Lord's voice calling me to the mission field. With no formal training and limited knowledge I'm now listening for further instruction . As a single woman with a powerful testimony and have experienced serious spiritual warfare to discourage my witness. Strength, hedge of protection.
Jonathan Vaughan - For Family
I have a prayer request for my wife. We need some additional income very soon. My wife would like to watch some kids from our home on a regular basis. Please pray that God will provide her with some kids to watch.
Kristen Moore - For Family
Please pray for me and my family. The stress of not having enough money to pay bills, my daughter trying to get into college, medical, and work are taking its toll. I pray God give me strength and patience. Its just been one thing after the other. Thank you.
Mamie Mureu - Family Salvation
I need prayer for my family members salvation and forgiveness towards those who have oppressed our ancestors; and who hold resentment. The resentment is suffocating the lifeblood of my bloodline. My family needs healing from cancer and other diseases disease.


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Pray at all times in the Spirit with every prayer and request, and stay alert with all perseverance and intercession for all the saints.
Ephesians 6:18 (CSB)

Prayer Room

The Intercessory Prayer Room provides ways for members to be active participants in the prayer life of Mobberly and to provide outreach and prayer support for our Mobberly family, community and the world. Intercessors or a rotation of intercessors commit to praying for one hour every week at the same time on campus from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., seven days a week.

To submit a prayer request call 903.759.PRAY or use the form on this page.

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Prayer Opportunities

The Hospitality Room in the Worship Center on the Longview campus is open from 2 to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday for Mobberly members who desire a quiet place to pray on campus. During these hours, the member must go to the church office and receive a door entry card in order to access the Longview Worship Center.


Pastor’s Prayer Time
Hospitality Room, Sundays, 7:15-7:45 a.m.
Men, along with their sons, gather to pray over Pastor Glynn, the services, and the message that God will speak through him.

Prayer for Revival
Worship Center, Tuesdays, 6-6:45 a.m.
A time for men of all ages to pray for revival in our church and nation


Prayer Shawl Ministry
A ministry in which women meet monthly to crochet and knit shawls for those who are critically or chronically ill or homebound. While they crochet and knit, they pray for current and past recipients of the prayer shawls. Contact the Women’s Ministry office at 903.663.7345, or email [email protected] for more information.