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Choose a request below and spend some time praying about it each day. Click each request to see more. There is power in prayer. Let's help our community by keeping them in mind.

Kennedy Quinn- For Health
12 years old. The doctors have found a mass in her neck. They are having to coordinate a team of surgeons to get it removed.
Sheri Morrison- For Friend
Prayer for friend diagnosed with cancer getting ready for 23 chemo treatments and radiation and mastectomy. Thank you all prayers in advance.
Lori White- For Friend
Praise for Cheyanne Langley! The infection has cleared. She is now home resting with drain for her kidneys and lymph nodes. Continued prayers for a full and quick recovery so that she can proceed to the next corrective surgery. Prayers for peace and courage for her. Thank you so much for the prayers for my friend! Thanking God for this miracle!
Eliana Krug- For Sister
Gracie Krug (my sister) is in Ecuador for the whole summer. Pray for safety and that she can share the gospel.
Lori White- For Friend
Please pray for healing for my friend Cheyanne Langley. She is currently in ICU at Baylor Dallas. She has complications from surgery and cannot get rid of infection. Believing God will fully restore her health.
Mina Faulkner- For Family
Please lift Don, myself, and family up to the Lord. Having so much pain and my son Kenith needing surgery , and some that have allergies so dangerous. Sister Edna has so many needs. So asking the church to lift up all my family, praying all have received the Lord ! Thank you God Bless all my church family also.
Elisabeth Harkins- For Family
Praying for jobs for me and my sister Sara Harkins. Praying for selling my parents two houses and land.
Michael Pabst- For Friend
Douglas Borson is in a hospital in Arkansas with an autoimmune desease. The doctors were unable to make a definitive diagnosis. Douglas is sliwing dying and is being treated with chemo, since cancer seem to be the only option at this point. Also his brither Corey Brodbent, is dealing with this in addition to financial hardship. Please pray that the doctors find out what causes Douglas condition so that he can be treated, as well for his brother to get the strength to go through this. Thank you!
Andrew Glover- For Family
Pray that Crystal and I will be blessed with our first child.
Scott- For Move
It looks like our move to the Hallsville is pushing forward. Please pray that all aspects of this transition go smoothly.
Valerie Sahagun - For Family
I am going through a really hard time with my children. We moved here from California due to domestic violence and we have had to start all over with no money and nowhere to go I kept faith and god provided us a place to live. It needs some work but that’s ok. I would like for you to pray for my children help them understand that I am trying my very hardest to provide and get them the nutrition they need but right now I just can’t seem to get my feet on the ground. Please pray that my kids don’t go to bed hungry anymore
Dru Reeder - For Friend
I would like to request prayer on behalf of my good friend, Bryant Davis, who has serious heart issues, facing a procedure.
Lynda Petty - For Family
Please put our grandson, Eli Hoover, on the prayer list. He is leaving on May 6th for the Army. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
Carolyn D Shaw - For Family Health
Our sister in law, Sharon Shaw, is undergoing hip replacement surgery do to a metastasis from her renal cancer. Please keep her in your prayers.
Deb Wasson - For Health
Don, Josh, and I have had so many health struggles over the years. Our wonderful church has always been here for us through prayer, pastors and congregation. Again, we need prayer. I am in need of back surgery again. But I just don't know if we can do it right now. Don is having terrible shoulder pain. Please help me pray for guidance and good health.
Jonathan Vaughan - For Friend
I have been asking for prayer for a student and her family. I am going to invite them to come to church on Sunday this afternoon when they pick her up from school. Please pray for me to have the right words and pray that God will lead them to Him, whether it's now or later.
Viviane George - For Health
I'm asking for prayers I'm sick with kidney infection and pain. Dear God have mercy amen
Melissa Childers - For Friend
Please pray for comfort and healing for Lisa. Lisa has cancer and is in a lot of pain. She is currently in the hospital in Houston due to the pain.
Also pray for strength and peace for her daughter Misty as she takes care of her and stays with her at the hospital.
Tonya Goldsberry - For Job
I pray to GOD for my hours on my job back Please JESUS they cut them but GOD you still in control FATHER I need more then part time I pray we can start going back in at 330 in the morning please pray for me I love my job and I am moving up in it but I need my pay back FATHER pray with me for GOD to intervene and work it out give me back my hours at least 30 and up
Jennifer Helms - For Family
My family and I have been living in the Fort Worth area since last summer. We moved here from Bossier City because my husband, Scott, accepted a job transfer to Carswell Naval airbase. He is accepting a job transfer back to Barksdale and we are preparing to move to the Hallsville, TX area this summer. Please pray for us as we begin house hunting, job hunting (for me), all of the many things involved in relocating again, and changes for our children (son starting college in the fall and daughter going to a new high school), etc. Mobberly Baptist Church has been such a blessing to us. We have been attending worship service in our apartment, with Mobberly live streaming on our TV for the past few weeks and love y’all! Thank you for being available to us from far away!
Jennifer, Scott, Callie and Jonathan
Sunny Love - For Finances
I am homebound waiting to have knee surgery and not able to work..I have not been able to tithe because of numerous doctor bills and that bothers me..I am giving but not like I should..I know there are a lot of people worse off than me but it is so husband and I are so blessed in so many ways but this one has set us back..thank you for your time and I love my church and all it stands for..GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME..thank you.
Scott- Unspoken
Karen Bozeman- For Friend
Former LHS teacher Janee Hill is asking that we pray for her. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. Her prognosis is 65% survival from this. She starts radiation this week as her situation is urgent. She and her husband Ray now live in South Texas but know we are a praying church and ask to be prayed for by us.
Tracy Clowers- For Friend
My friend's son, Christian, is battling addiction, depression and suicidal thoughts/tendencies. He overdosed the other night and by the Grace of God is alive today...she messaged me the moment it happened...and it was not looking good that he would survive. His mother is needing as many people to pray for her prodigal son to return to the Lord. She only has a handful of Christian friends and from what I know, he does not have any godly people in his circle of influence. I ask for prayers for God to heal the hurt in his life that has brought him to the place he is in now..and to heal the hurt that has pushed him away from God. I know God has a plan for Christian and this is a pivotal time right now for relapsing or another suicide attempt. The enemy wants nothing more than for him to fail at every turn. Please pray for his mother too-she is not taking this well and is hanging on by a thread of faith. She told me she would take her own life if he died...and that truly concerns me. Thank you for praying for them both...we need as many prayers as possible right now!!
Dixie Wilson- For Job
Please pray for me concerning my job in Kilgore, TX that business will pick up more customers so I can continue to work there in Jesus name amen we need a breakthrough..Thank you God bless
Randy Young- For Friends
David Higgs, FBC Henderson pastor: has a melanoma on foot.
Alvin Glenn : prayers to find out source of bleeding.
Claire Holdridge- For Family
Prayers for a family member as he decides if he should leave his current company for another. Wisdom and discernment.
Shirley Kisner- For Friend
Pray for Tyler (age 16) - needs love, guidance, and direction. Is presently having a difficult time. Has been invited several times to church - he did come a few times. Pray for God's Holy Spirit to work wonders in Tyler's heart. Pray for his salvation; also pray for his dad.
Shirley Kisner- For Friend
Pray for Ashley McCauley - has a broken foot. Please pray for complete healing with no complications.
Shirley Kisner- For Friend
Please pray for Kallie Kennedy - medical issues. Pray for wisdom for the doctors in finding out the cause of her health issues. We pray that God will heal Lindsey and bring her back to good health.


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Ephesians 6:18 (CSB)

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