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Choose a request below and spend some time praying about it each day. Click each request to see more. There is power in prayer. Let's help our community by keeping them in mind.

WOH- For Family
Relationship with teenage son and his mother. My wife and pending work status. To find a church.
James Casey- For Health
Please pray for healing in my feet.
Sean Landers- For Family
Please pray for my family, my uncle Travis Landers passed a way. He was one of my dad's brothers.
Brenda Browder- For Friend
Please pray for Jim Trippett who has been diagnosed with cancer. Thank you.
Dixie Wilson- For Health
Please pray for me concerning healing both my knees hurt so bad. I am having a hard time walking I still work but having a hard time getting around. Thank you for praying for me.
Suzanne- For Friends
Please pray for my friend’s grandchild - we graduated together . We are in our 40’s but the son of her first born is so young and has aggressive brain cancer . This was what she sent me yesterday:
So i just had a meeting with oncology about jaydens biopsy results and i am going to get as much info out before i loose my mind for a little bit so everyone is updated. He has a cancer brain tumor called atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT) and it is the rarest of the rare and very aggressive. As of right now we are unsure of treatment and she is speaking with other doctors around the world to come up with the best! Whether it be here or St. Jude but we should know by the end of this week. He will also have a spinal tap to make sure it has no already spread and a MRI next week of his kidneys because this rare tumor can go to the kidneys. He will be getting very aggressive treatment and could be worse depending on if it has spread. They are also doing genetic testing for me and will get back to me on that. They gave jayden a 50% chance of living 5 years...this is all i can do for now. This is what we know

Thanks for adding her to the prayer list. Thanks so much for lifting them up.

Stacy Cohagen- For Friends
Please pray for Matt Neely in the tragic loss of his son Tanner, and for Holly Patterson, Tanner's sister.
Elaine - For Family
Please pray God restores my marriage soon and he sends the Holy Spirit to convict my husband Pierre of his sin and God removes everything that is not of God in him; bitterness, guilt, fear of men, shame, doubt, fear, pride. Pray that God also remove bad associations and influences such as his relatives, Mom and Evelyne for God says let no man come in between the marriage. Pray that divorce is canceled for God says he hates divorce and so do I. Pray that God rekindle Pierre love for me and he gives him a new heart and a new mind of Jesus Christ. Pray that Jesus fight for my marriage and does not allow the devil to destroy it. Pray that Pierre is sent back home by Jesus and that we can attend the marriage ministry at the church I attend on Feb 8-10 and we give a testimony to what the Lord has done. Pray that God bless us with a child and I vow to give it back to the Lord. Pray that no weapon formed against my marriage shall prosper and a hedge of thorns and wall is surrounded by Pierre and our marriage is protected and health. Pray that Jesus fight for my marriage and the thought or plan of divorce is canceled for God says he hates divorce and so do I. Pray that Pierre is lead into a bible believing church that preaches the true gospel or is lead into the same church as I am at. Pray that we find favor with God for an apartment. Pray that I continue to trust and obey God, Jesus and Holy Spirit in Jesus name, amen
David and Meagan Luna - For Family
We are praying for a positive pregnancy test and a healthy baby!
Rentsamo - For Marriage
I am from India,Nagaland.Please pray for my marriage restoration.Me and my wife are living seperately for 4 and half years.I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back.I am so scarred and worried and i don't know what to do.We don't communicate at all.I love her so much.our marriage is on a brink of a break. Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart.Thank you
Karen Bozeman - For Ladies in Local Ministry
Pray for me as I seek ways to help young women in one of our local ministries with the way they talk. They are unable to get jobs because their language skills are so poor. There isn’t a curriculum that I’ve found to help people in this way. Pray that I can find creative ways to help these ladies. I will start working with them 1/15.
JCL - For Family
Three requests:
• That my wife and her boyfriend would stop having feelings for each other and end their relationship.
• That my marriage be restored.
• That I would not do anything crazy as a result of my wife seeing another man.
Brenda Browder - For Friend
Linda McGaughy will have total knee replacement on December 26. Please pray for successful surgery specifically that there will be no infection.
Candace Young - For Uncle
My uncle, Mike Reid, was just diagnosed with 3 brain tumors. They are doing a PET scan to look for more tumors in his body right now. Please pray for no more to be found and for the ones they have already found to be benign. He just went to the ER last night and found all of this out so this is literally all the info we have right now. Thank you so much! This is Brenda Green’s oldest brother. He is currently a builder in Rockwall, Texas.
Kevin Phillips - For Friend
Connect Group class member Deedra Bowles broke her leg in three places while on vacation in Colorado. Surgery is today about 4 pm our time. I’ve contact our connect group members, but ask for church staff to pray for her too. Not sure when she will get to come home
Analisa Hood - For Friend
Please pray for 82 year old D. Peterson. Is currently going to ER by ambulance- has been sick with respiratory illness. Husband Wayne Peterson.
Mpanga Chanda - For Finances
Thank you for praying. I now only need $6000.
Joy Gross - For Husband
My husband, Don Gross, will have back surgery on December 21st...please pray for him and the doctors and staff at the hospital...
Larry Rollins - For Family
My kids just recently lost their mother she passed on Friday December 7, 2018...It's been tough to deal with...They were living with her boyfriend before she came I'll unfortunately they were unable to recover there personal belongings from him so they lost their things...I am there father there mother and I was still legally married...I now have my 3 children... Getting them what they need to do start at new school has taken a toll on me....I'm doing my very best and will continue to do so... Please have us in your prayers.
Mina Faulkner - For Family
My daughter Shelley is having back surgery Wednesday, safe trip to Beaumont for my nephew Patrick today. My niece Patricia is having surgery lives in Midlothian. Thanks church family, may the Lord bless you all.
Megan - For Family
Please pray for me to have strength and a sense of calmness throughout this difficult separation of my marriage. It is hard to be patient and wait on God’s plan. Please pray for God to calm my anxious heart and give me peace and comfort as I go through this stage of feeling 'stuck.' Pray for God to work on my husband’s heart and help him look to God for guidance. Pray for us to seek and see God’s will. Thank you.
Tammy Madding - For Family
Sean and I were involved in a car accident Wednesday morning. We are physically ok. I'm asking for all who read this to pray the insurance will not total my car.


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Pray at all times in the Spirit with every prayer and request, and stay alert with all perseverance and intercession for all the saints.
Ephesians 6:18 (CSB)

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The Intercessory Prayer Room provides ways for members to be active participants in the prayer life of Mobberly and to provide outreach and prayer support for our Mobberly family, community and the world. Intercessors or a rotation of intercessors commit to praying for one hour every week at the same time on campus from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., seven days a week.

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Hospitality Room, Sundays, 7:15-7:45 a.m.
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Worship Center, Tuesdays, 6-6:45 a.m.
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Prayer Shawl Ministry
A ministry in which women meet monthly to crochet and knit shawls for those who are critically or chronically ill or homebound. While they crochet and knit, they pray for current and past recipients of the prayer shawls. Contact the Women’s Ministry office at 903.663.7345, or email [email protected] for more information.