Single Moms Support Group

April 1 - May 20  |  The Bridge D115

6:30 – 8 p.m.

This group brings together mothers who are raising their children without a partner. Jennifer Pucket leads this group, and she has this to say to those considering joining:

“I have always believed that our struggles and failures weren’t meant just for us. I know that God works in us so that we can encourage others. Earlier in my life, not long after my 3rd child was diagnosed with a disability as a baby, our hurt was real and raw, and it turned our world upside down. We needed support from others, and we wanted to help others through similar situations, too, so we started a support group. After my husband died and I experienced life as a single parent, I knew God was calling me to do that same thing again… ask for help and offer help. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus as we walk through valleys towards the mountain tops.

“If you’re nervous about attending this ministry, know we have all been there. Admitting you need help of any kind is hard and makes you vulnerable. But isn’t that where God meets us, in the hard and vulnerable areas of our lives? We are like-minded women looking for support and hoping to provide support for others. It’s a safe place to bring yourself to fellowship with others that are in a similar situation with a desperate need for God.

“This ministry has been a bright spot, an easy and safe place for our ladies. They know there is no judgment for not being there every week if you can’t make it, pouring your frustrations out, or not having done the study or homework from the week before. We’ve been able to provide prayer support, emotional support, and even some financial support at Christmas for some of our moms. It’s given them some relief in our hard days and hope that tomorrow will be better because God is beside them, that others are behind them, praying for them and encouraging them that they are seen and loved. God works through our heartache.”