Adoptive Moms Support Group

February 5 - December 2  |  Silver Grizzly

Silver Grizzly Espresso, West Tyler Street, Longview, TX, USA

This group is led by Robin Fortner and Jenny Archer and meets on the first Monday of each month. Here’s what she had to say about leading the Adoptive Moms Support Group:

“Being involved in the foster/adopt ministry at church in past years and being an adoptive mom myself, I saw the need around me. Moms can sometimes feel alone in their journey and earnestly need someone who understands their challenges to be there for them. In Mobberly Life Matters training classes, I could sense the need for not only guidance in parenting kids from trauma, but just being around others who get it. We had moms asking for a group like this. So we began!

“Our group is here to be an encouragement and a listening ear to foster and adopt moms as they go through the very unique and difficult situations they face. We also celebrate the growth and improvements they see in their homes. Our group gets guidance from the scripture and some wisdom from trusted foster/adopt resources. Learning from each other’s experiences is extremely valuable as well. It is a time to breathe, sip some coffee and be with like-minded moms.”

Others who have experienced growth and encouragement from this group have said,

“Words cannot express how much the foster-adopt moms’ group has helped me. To instantly have a common bond with other Christian women that know exactly what you are talking about is definitely a gift from God.”

“It is so uplifting to be able to come as you are and be real and raw with the highs and lows of fostering with encouraging, godly women who can really understand and relate.”

“I really enjoy the fellowship, love, and support of like-minded moms who understand the struggles and complexities of raising kids from hard places. Mobberly’s Foster Adopt Moms Group helps lighten the load by reminding me there is hope.”

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