Gregg Zackary

Pastor of Marriage & Family Ministries

Dr. Gregg Zackary has been in the ministry since he was a teenager and was ordained a few years later.  He began preaching at 16 in local churches and has served in numerous areas of leadership at Mobberly Baptist church for over 24 years. He has contributed to Lifeway Christian Resources and has hosted one of the foremost Leadership Development seminars for East Texas.

Gregg received a Doctorate of Ministry in Evangelism and Missions from Southwestern Seminary.  He also has a Master of Theology in Pastoral Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Gregg has provided pastoral counseling for many years, and as Executive Director of Hope Road Counseling, he will have an opportunity to continue in that role.  Recently Gregg attended the Younique Accelerator and is continuing training to become a Life Plan Coach and the School of Spiritual Direction, taught by Christian Psychologist and author Dr. Larry Crabb to sharpen his skills in counseling and giving spiritual direction.

Gregg and his wife, Tina, have been married for 33 years, and they have four children. Having benefited from the guidance of professional counselors to help him deal with depression, marriage and parenting challenges, he knows first-hand the importance of Biblically-based counseling from Christian mentors and counselors. As the executive director of Hope Road Counseling, Gregg feels that God guides him daily, giving him a heart for those who struggle with many of life’s challenges and heartaches.